The Hippopotamus – Trailer

  The Hippopotamus – Trailer
Based on the best-selling novel by Stephen Fry, The Hippopotamus tells the story of disgraced poet Ted Wallace (Roger Allam), who is summoned to Swafford Hall, the country manor of his friends Lord and Lady Logan (Matthew Modine and Fiona Shaw), to investigate a series of unexplained miracle healings. Ted tracks down the perpetrator of the phenomena, fifteen-year-old David Logan (Tommy Knight), whose parents believe he has healing hands. Unaware that David is using some unorthodox methods, the Logans are set on sharing their son’s gift with the world. With a poet’s passion for the truth, Ted hurries to debunk the miracles and save a young man from a lifetime of embarrassment.
Directed by: John Jencks
Starring: Roger Allam, Matthew Modine, Fiona Shaw, Tommy Knight, Emily Berrington, Dean Ridge, Emma Curtis, Tim McInnerny, Geraldine Somerville, Lyne Renee

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