Tickling Giants – Clip

  Tickling Giants – Clip
Dr. Bassem Youssef makes a decision that’s every mother’s worst nightmare… He leaves his job as a heart surgeon to become a full-time comedian. Dubbed, “The Egyptian Jon Stewart,â€� Bassem creates the most viewed television program in the Middle East. He has 30 million viewers per episode, compared to The Daily Show with Jon Stewart’s 2 million viewers. In a country where free speech is not settled law, Bassem comes up with creative ways to non-violently challenge abuses of power. He endures physical threats, protests, and legal action – all because of jokes. No unicorns or falafel were harmed in the making of this film.
Directed by: Sara Taksler
Starring: Bassem Youssef, Jon Stewart, Andeel, Miral El Desoki, Tarek AIQazzaz, Hend Radwan

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