Tracktown – Clip – Power Muffins

  Tracktown – Clip – Power Muffins
Plumb Marigold is a famous but lonely distance runner preparing for the biggest race of her life: The Olympic Trials. But when an injury forces her to take an unexpected day off, Plumb wanders into a bakery where the aimless boy behind the counter catches her eye. In this story that captures the experience of a young Olympic hopeful, many of the actors are actual Olympic athletes—including co-writer/director and lead actor Alexi Pappas.
Directed by: Jeremy Teicher, Alexi Pappas
Starring: Alexi Pappas, Chase Offerle, Rachel Dratch, Andy Buckley, Rebecca Friday, Sasha Spencer Atwood, Remy Teicher, Nick Symmonds

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