The 24 Hour War – Trailer

  The 24 Hour War – Trailer
The Ford/Ferrari rivalry at Le Mans is one of the most famous in racing history. It started in 1963 when Henry Ford II tried to buy Ferrari to save the ailing Ford Motor Company, which was being crushed by GM and the Corvette on the track and at the dealerships. After months of negotiation, Enzo Ferrari said no, refusing to allow Ford to interfere with what he loved the most: racing. Henry Ford II was furious and vowed to build a racecar that would dethrone Ferrari.
Directed by: Adam Carolla, Nate Adams
Starring: Henry Ford III, Edsel Ford II, Piero Ferrari, Mario Andretti, Dan Gurney, David Hobbs, Bob Bondurant, Pete Brock, John Surtees, Mauro Forghieri

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