Australia’s Lost Gold – Trailer

  Australia’s Lost Gold – Trailer
In 1931, Harold Lasseter’s body was found in the Central Australian desert. His diary revealed he’d discovered gold — worth billions of dollars today — but he’d give it all away for a loaf of bread and a chance at survival. The gold has never been found. Filmmaker Luke Walker finds Lasseter’s 85 year-old son, still wandering the desert trying to find the gold that killed his father. Armed with a camera, Walker chases his footsteps in hopes to unravel the tangle of myths, lies and legend that remain buried with Lasseter’s bones. But as he follows his last few steps he finds himself closer to the gold than anyone has been for 80 years. Do you dare join the adventure and take part in the quest for Australia’s Lost Gold?
Directed by: Luke Walker
Starring: Luke Walker, Bob Lasseter

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