Honeyglue – Trailer

  Honeyglue – Trailer
After learning that she has three months left to live, Morgan turns her protected middle-class life upside down. That’s when she meets Jordan, a rebellious, gender-defying artist, and together they embark on an adventure of a lifetime. With a hand-held camera, the pair document their time together, creating a lasting record of what and who really matters in life. With superb and fearless performances by newcomers Adriana Mather and Zach Villa and a stellar supporting cast that includes Booboo Stewart and Amanda Plummer, HONEYGLUE is a thoroughly modern love story without labels. Zombot Pictures and writer/director James Bird take a raw look at mortality, but the result is a celebration of life, leaving the viewer with a finer appreciation of the excitement, compassion, and powerful love that are available to those brave enough to claim them.
Directed by: James Bird
Starring: Adriana Mather, Zach Villa, Booboo Stewart, Christopher Heyerdahl, Jessica Tuck, Amanda Plummer, Fernanda Romero

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