One More Time – Trailer

  One More Time – Trailer
Beautiful aspiring rock star Jude (AMBER HEARD) is stuck in a rut—relegated to recording commercial jingles and lost in a series of one-night stands. When she is evicted from her Brooklyn apartment, she is forced to move into the Hamptons home of her wealthy—and selfish—father Paul Lombard (CHRISTOPHER WALKEN), an over-the-hill, Sinatra-esque singer angling for a musical comeback. As the two reunite, Jude is forced to confront her problems, including troubled relationships with her father and overachieving sister (KELLI GARNER), as well as her wobbly career and faltering love life. As Jude and Paul butt heads, they unexpectedly find themselves on a journey that may redefine their lives. Also starring OLIVER PLATT, HAMISH LINKLATER, and ANN MAGNUNSON.
Directed by: Robert Edwards
Starring: Christopher Walken, Amber Heard, Kelli Garner, Hamish Linklater, Ann Magnuson, Oliver Platt

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