10 Days in a Madhouse – Trailer

  10 Days in a Madhouse – Trailer
10 DAYS IN A MADHOUSE is based on Nellie Bly’s autobiographical 1887 book. The film follows 23-year-old reporter Nellie Bly (Caroline Barry) on her first undercover assignment for world-famous newspaper editor Joseph Pulitzer. Bly elaborately feigns insanity, gets herself arrested and declared insane before a judge to go undercover into Blackwell’s Island Insane Asylum for women, run by E.C. Dent (Christopher Lambert). Behind the thick walls and bars of the asylum, Bly, facing life-threatening peril, sets out to expose institutional corruption, abuse and murder. Bly’s article launches investigations by judicial courts, including the grand jury, that ultimately lead to the successful shutdown of Blackwell’s Asylum. Nellie Bly is the first woman in history to write a serious investigative front-page news story. She was called the greatest reporter in America.
Directed by: Timothy Hines
Starring: Caroline Barry, Christopher Lambert, Kelly Le Brock, Julia Chantrey, Alexandra Callas, David Mitchum Brown, Jessa Campbell, Natalia Davidenko, Talya Mar, Katie Singleton

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