Reversion – Trailer

  Reversion – Trailer
Aja Naomi King plays Sophie Clé, the head of marketing for a high tech firm run by her father Jack Clé, played by Colm Feore. On the eve of launching a sleek device that allows users to relive their happiest memories, Sophie is kidnapped. After she escapes with a mysterious wound to her head, Sophie is haunted by increasingly violent visions of her late mother (Lela Rochon Fuqua) who committed suicide years earlier. When her father questions her sanity, Sophie enlists the family’s security guard (Gary Dourdan) to help uncover the family’s dark secrets.
Directed by: Jose Nestor Marquez
Starring: Aja Naomi King, Colm Feore, Gary Dourdan, Amanda Plummer, Jeanette Samano, David Clennon

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