Jellyfish Eyes – Trailer

  Jellyfish Eyes – Trailer
The directorial debut from acclaimed artist Takashi Murakami, Jellyfish Eyes
brings its creator’s endless imagination to the screen in a tale of family,
friendship, and loyalty, set in a world of fantasy that only Murakami could
conjure. Having moved to a country town with his mother following the
death of his father, young Masashi (Takuto Sueoka) immediately makes a
most unlikely friend: a flying, jellyfish-like sprite that he nicknames Kurage-
bo. Taking Kurage-bo under his wing and into the classroom, Masashi soon
discovers that his schoolmates have similar friends—and that they, their
creators, and the town itself are not all they seem to be. Pointedly set in a
post-Fukushima world, Murakami’s film carries a message of cooperation
and hope, while boasting unforgettable creature designs and handcrafted
special effects nearly a decade in the making. A touching triumph of
creativity and wonder, Jellyfish Eyes is a must-see for film lovers of all ages.
Directed by: Takeshi Murakami
Starring: Takuto Sueoka, Himeka Asami, Masataka Kubota, Shota Sometani, Hidemasa Shiozawa, Ami Ikenaga

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