Falling Awake – Trailer

  Falling Awake – Trailer
Falling Awake tells the powerful story of Jay (Andrew Cisneros), a young Latino musician in the Bronx who struggles to find his identity in a home crowded with family members and a neighborhood of loyal friends and dangerous enemies. After he meets the beautiful Manhattanite Alessandra (Jenna Dewan), his determination to reach toward a wider world and realize his musical dreams becomes even stronger. But he is tied by loyalty to his friends and to his ex-Marine brother, and by the expectations of his frustrated, angry father. As Jay fights to break free of the cycles of anger and violence that grip his life and his neighborhood, he learns that only love can help him grasp his elusive chance at happiness, and comes to a new understanding that helps him take the long, uncertain leap into his future.
Directed by: Agustin
Starring: Andrew Cisneros, Jenna Dewan, Nestor Serrano, Julie Carmen, Nicholas Gonazalez, JD Williams

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