Casi Divas – Trailer

  Casi Divas – Trailer
Four ambitious and beautiful young women. From four very different worlds. Just like hundreds of others, they are caught up in the frenzy that sweeps the nation when Alejandro Mateos (Julio Bracho), one of the country’s most powerful producers, dreams up a nationwide talent search to cast the lead in his next big movie. But all this is news to Alejandro’s on-again, off-again lover, Eva Gallardo (Patricia Llaca), a diva of epic proportions, who expected to get the part. While Eva schemes to nail down the role, our four leads begin their own journey on the road to fame. CASI DIVAS is the funny and heartfelt story of how these four women begin as fierce competitors out to become stars, only to discover that together they can reach even greater heights.
Directed by: Issa Lopez
Starring: Patricia Llaca, Julio Bracho, Ana Layevska, Diana Garcia, Daniela Schmidt, Maya Zapata

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