Ghosts of the Heartland – Trailer

  Ghosts of the Heartland – Trailer
It’s 1952 and big city reporter, Roland Lu is returning to his hometown. What he finds is a town living in fear and his family and friends are afraid for their lives. They look to Roland for help, but he seems more concerned with getting the big story that can win him a Pulitzer. They fear he will blow the lid off the town’s interracial relationships. Also of concern, the last time he paid Millville a visit, someone was murdered. Worse yet, Roland’s old nemesis, Frank Dugan is running the town now. Frank is a McCarthyite thug who would just as soon kill this smooth talking Chinese reporter as look at him. It seems Roland and Frank have unfinished business. Knowing his life is now in peril, Roland stays. There is a story here and that is what Roland needs to get back on top, even if it means losing the woman he loves. He can always find another one of those…. It’s getting late now and Millville offers Roland just one guarantee. Somebody is going to die.
Directed by: Allen Blumberg
Starring: Phil Moon, Rosanne Ma, Michael Santoro

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