Shiver – Trailer

  Shiver – Trailer
Junio Valverdi of THE DEVIL’S BACKBONE stars as Santi, a bullied teen who suffers from a rare and violent allergy to sunlight. When his condition worsens, he and his mother are forced to move to a remote village in the mountains. His arrival marks the beginning of a series of brutal slayings. Something is alive deep in the shadowy forest. Can a frightened outcast find safety in the darkness or does the ultimate terror wait in the most unexpected place of all? Francesc Orella and Mar Sodupe co-star in this chilling Spanish horror thriller from acclaimed director Isidro Ortiz (FAUSTO 5.0) and featuring art direction by Pilar Revuelta, Oscar® winner for PAN’S LABYRINTH.
Directed by: Isidro Ortiz
Starring: Junio Valverde, Mar Sodupe, Jaime Barnatan, Blanca Martinez, Francesc Orella

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